Securing AS400 / iSeries (Comodo Free SSL)

Enabling SSL certificates with Comodo’s Free 90 Day trial SSL Certificate.  This process enables you to secure both web services, login, and SSL across all other servers/services on the AS400 / iSeries.

Note:  If you are replacing/renewing your cert and something goes wrong, do not be afraid to delete your certificate store (if this is your only cert) and start fresh with this tutorial.  I’ve done it twice, now, as the key in store had trouble matching the new cert, etc…  I deleted certificate store, followed my own tutorial and was up and going in minutes.

PHP/Curl SSL Certificate Error with Payeezy

As I work toward syncing our as400 to our payment gateway, I’ve encountered an error both in PayTrace and Payeezy sample codes, generally when making a JSON post with Curl in PHP.

The error:

ssl certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

Almost ALL documentation / research on this suggests you turn off Curl verification (CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER off)  and yes, it works, but it’s just not an option when I’m trying to secure my server for payment transactions.…

PayTrace Client Side Encryption (PHP / IIS)

This is a quick for-developers-only guide of how to get your PHP/JS code (Windows) talking to PayTrace’s API.  I chose the Client Side Encryption as being our first time out, I wanted the least amount of strictness in PCI compliance.   This guide assumes you know PHP, JS, JQuery, a little of what an API does, enough to paste some JSON together and of course your HTML, CSS, etc.   You’re a developer, you have all the code provided open source, but this is a quick A-B-C of what code I used and how I got it working on Windows (IIS7) and hurdles I ran into.

All code here is readily available on GitHub, but if you’d like my version of it, download it on my Gist.…

Changing How You Use Social Media

The Twitter We Know

It seems these days the only time we hear of Twitter is when our President-Elect lets out a tweet storm at 5am and sets off a media frenzy by 7am.  This is the Twitter we know, the Twitter we are exposed to: Chris Brown challenging Soulja Boy to a boxing match, Kayne West having yet another public mental break down, all drama, jokes and celebrity tweet-matches.  Yes, there are nights where I check- in, throw some popcorn in the microwave and watch Taco Bell fight with Old Spice.

Yes, Twitter is all that – but it’s also so much more.

Take-Aways from Live360!

My Goals

Visual Studio Live! last year was a bit of an eye opener for me. As my first conference, I walked away from it with a feeling that I was letting the as400 tie my hands as a web developer – and worse, there was really no need to.

Yes, the as400 only natively supports PHP, yes, their .NET framework tools are lackluster and yes, it took me months if not the better part of a year to figure out what path to go on. It has its’ limitations but not so much that I should keep putting off learning C# and Visual Studio any longer.

Walking into this year’s Live360! – now with my first 3 .NET apps under my belt – I looked at this conference as a way to bring my new skills together with fresh tools and learn to create one look for our employees, regardless of what lies on the backend.…