Changing How You Use Social Media

The Twitter We Know

It seems these days the only time we hear of Twitter is when our President-Elect lets out a tweet storm at 5am and sets off a media frenzy by 7am.  This is the Twitter we know, the Twitter we are exposed to: Chris Brown challenging Soulja Boy to a boxing match, Kayne West having yet another public mental break down, all drama, jokes and celebrity tweet-matches.  Yes, there are nights where I check- in, throw some popcorn in the microwave and watch Taco Bell fight with Old Spice.

Yes, Twitter is all that – but it’s also so much more.

Take-Aways from Live360!

My Goals

Visual Studio Live! last year was a bit of an eye opener for me. As my first conference, I walked away from it with a feeling that I was letting the as400 tie my hands as a web developer – and worse, there was really no need to.

Yes, the as400 only natively supports PHP, yes, their .NET framework tools are lackluster and yes, it took me months if not the better part of a year to figure out what path to go on. It has its’ limitations but not so much that I should keep putting off learning C# and Visual Studio any longer.

Walking into this year’s Live360! – now with my first 3 .NET apps under my belt – I looked at this conference as a way to bring my new skills together with fresh tools and learn to create one look for our employees, regardless of what lies on the backend.…

Daisy Chaining Monitors (models: u2414h / u2417h)

  1. First, in 2414, you must enable DP 1.2 in the menu. (In 2417 it’s enabled by default)
  2. Plug-in the mini display port (small rounded square) to the 2nd monitor and run it to the first monitor
  3. make sure you plug it into the OUT display port (on the 2417, the out has a small orange-red cap in it, remove and plug it in there)
  4. on the first monitor, go to the monitor’s menu and enable MST, this will make Windows recognize the 2nd monitor as separate
  5. the first monitor flickered, so unplug the power, wait 5 seconds and replug
  6. adjust your display settings accordingly for extended desktop, etc.


*I also installed the latest Intel drivers off of Dell’s website…

Zen Desk Forwarding Macro for Outlook

I put together a modified version of this post: Forward email as Ticket – Internal Users

but I couldn’t get it to run without error in Outlook 2013.

I modified it and here’s the modified version and instructions:

  • Open Outlook
  • ALT + F8 brings up the Macro screen
  • Type in a name for your macro and hit create
  • Select all text, delete and clear if there’s any in there
  • Copy this:
  • Paste it in your window
  • Save

JomSocial: Preventing Album Reposts When Uploading Single Picture

I’ve been working on another site and it features JomSocial (Joomla 2.5, JomSocial 3.0) along with the “activities” module that lists the latest activity as far as pictures, videos, comments, forum, etc.

One of my biggest irritations with the activity list was this:

I created separate album, say per city or subject and would upload maybe 5 pictures one day.   Months later, when I go to upload a new photo pertaining to that subject/album, not only would my new photo show up in the activities feed, but ALL photos (up to the limit of 5), even if they were months old.  It would make other updates of photos drop down the feed and the new photos become lost.  So, today I dug in the code and created a bit of a mod.  I’m sure it might be buggy or can be improved upon, but for now – it gets the job done.

in file:  /components/com_community/libraries/photos.php

at line 81, after

$albumsHelper = new CAlbumsHelper( $album );  insert this:
$db = JFactory::getDBO();
$sql = “SELECT * FROM #__community_photos WHERE `albumid`=”.$album->id
.” AND `id`=” . $photoid
.” AND `status` != ‘temp'”;
$result = $db->loadObject();
$created = $result->created;

at line 116, replace: