Let’s Build

New Environment, New Approach

It’s Day 1, my first Microsoft Build, and I was not prepared for the sheer numbers nor format. I tediously worked out this schedule with sessions and back up sessions (in case, I don’t know… tripped on the way to the first one?). I lost my OCD mind when I realized these sessions were held open format in the MIDDLE OF THE EXPO!

I quickly realized the “sessions” were to show off their specialty. To draw you in by topic, touch on some “new” topics you hadn’t heard of, and get you to come talk to them. The presentation was not so much a sales pitch as it was a “let me help you develop on our platform.” Interesting……

Nextdoor: The Rise of a New Social App

Two weeks in deep into Hurricane Harvey, I am one of the VERY lucky to stay dry.  One thing that goes unmentioned, though, and this goes especially for those displaced – is the phenomenal amounts of anxiety one experiences going through a hurricane. The preparation.  Landfall.  The wait.  The recovery.  I can’t imagine evacuation…  I think I spent half of Saturday in a bathtub, until I resigned that all the “tornado warnings” were a lie and walked out to survey my front yard.  That’s when a neighbor told me one just hit a couple miles from me.  Back to the bathtub I went.

My phone never shut-up that weekend.  I heard helicopters non-stop over my area at midnight.  When do you know its close?  Does it mean “me” or ALL of Houston and where does my area fit in that? I don’t live in the loop!  Friends quickly told me the place to go:  Nextdoor.…

Changing How You Use Social Media

The Twitter We Know

It seems these days the only time we hear of Twitter is when our President-Elect lets out a tweet storm at 5am and sets off a media frenzy by 7am.  This is the Twitter we know, the Twitter we are exposed to: Chris Brown challenging Soulja Boy to a boxing match, Kayne West having yet another public mental break down, all drama, jokes and celebrity tweet-matches.  Yes, there are nights where I check- in, throw some popcorn in the microwave and watch Taco Bell fight with Old Spice.

Yes, Twitter is all that – but it’s also so much more.

Clean-Up Tips for Bike Commuting

Homemade No-Rinse Body Wash

What You Need:


  1. Fill bottle half way with water
  2. Add 1-2 fingers of alcohol (mix will smell mostly like alcohol)
  3. Add 2 good gobs of body wash (about 2 tsps worth)
  4. Close lid and lightly tilt to mix

There will be some suds, but mostly the mix will smell of alcohol with a light scent from the body wash.  The alcohol kills bacteria and helps the mix evaporate quickly.  When applied, it leaves a clean mist with a few suds.  I strip down, spray all over, rub down and then dry off with a sport towel.

Double Use Dry Shampoo

I’ve gone through a few dry shampoos and they work great.  I dry hair with a sport towel and then spray away, but a I’ve also started to use it to spray my feet/socks if they’ve gotten too damp from the morning dew or just plain sweaty.  Works great!




OCD Guide to Beginning a Bike Commute

How I Prepared

I started simple and slow, just by pedaling around the neighborhood, 1-2 miles on a cruiser (Walmart brand, big seat)  just having fun, getting used to riding a bike again.  My confidence in stopping, getting on and off, turning, was VERY low.  Hell, I still can’t jump curbs!  After about a couple weeks fooling around, I decided I wanted a bike with handbrakes, and so I sold the cruiser on Craigslist, bought a Mountain Bike for 30 dollar difference and off I went.

I found a couple trails and on weekends would go with a friend to do maybe 3-5 miles total.  After a month, I made a goal to bike 5 miles everyday in February.  I met my goal and knew work was only 8 miles one way and was slowly building the idea of commuting.  Only problem was that though I felt my strength was growing quickly, I realized I was pedaling harder, but not getting much return.  It felt like I was pushing and getting no where.  I set my next goal:  change my bike and plan my commute.


Bike and Setup

I decided to get a hybrid bike.  It’s like a mountain …