Getting Linux Running on WSL2 (Windows)

I haven’t touched Linux in many years and after seeing Microsoft’s Build this year, I thought it would be a fun project to get into.  Some things might seem a given to those used to running Linux, but as I haven’t done this in many years, it’s always wise to document.

Before You Begin

Install Linux

What Distro/Version?

I did Ubuntu, the most popular, but also really liked Kali for it’s speed.  I tried many through my learning phase, figuring out the settings and configurations.  I similarly went with a light Desktop Environment (explained later) so I can just get a quick response and get something going.

You can get the Ubunto Distro (and a few others) off the Microsoft Store.

Update Your Distro

The value of installing Ubuntu first is that their documentation is great.  You’ll have to …

Let’s Build

New Environment, New Approach

It’s Day 1, my first Microsoft Build, and I was not prepared for the sheer numbers nor format. I tediously worked out this schedule with sessions and back up sessions (in case, I don’t know… tripped on the way to the first one?). I lost my OCD mind when I realized these sessions were held open format in the MIDDLE OF THE EXPO!

I quickly realized the “sessions” were to show off their specialty. To draw you in by topic, touch on some “new” topics you hadn’t heard of, and get you to come talk to them. The presentation was not so much a sales pitch as it was a “let me help you develop on our platform.” Interesting……