Learn Chinese with Movies

The information below is outdated. Now, getting Hanzi/Pinyin subtitles is much easier!  Go to Reddit’s /r/pinyinsubtitles (which I own) and follow the Pinyin Subtitle Wiki or download ones I’ve made previously on my 52zhongwen website.

  1. Download movie
  2. Grab original Chinese/Mandarin (Hanzi) subtitles. I used this: OpenSubtitles.org
  3. To avoid any encoding problems: Right click on the srt file, open in Microsoft Word
  4. Choose the default encoding (usually CH-GB2312), if it’s already UTF8, ignore and move to step 3.
    File > Save , choose UTF-8 encoding.
  5. Be sure to remove any .docx, txt, extensions etc…. file should end in .srt
  6. Use this site to add the pinyin below your hanzi: Chinese Pinyin Subtitles Converter
  7. Choose UTF-8 for encoding. I left the rest of the options alone.
  8. Do the calculation, submit, save your new .srt file.
  9. You can stop here, or add the English subtitle. 2srt2ass helps you join two srt files into one ass file (also a subtitle file).
    Submit query, save.

Now you can watch your old faves and learn Chinese at the same time!

How I Study Chinese Online

Programs I use:

  • Lingoes – this allows you to highlight words on screen for instant translation (written: English / spoken: Chinese).  Below are the elements you need to make it work.
    • Essential dictionaries:
    • Install all dictionaries under Index and Text Capture
    • For Index I have, in order:
      • Vicon
      • CEDict
      • 21 Century
    • For Capture I have, in order:
      • Vicon
      • 21 Century
      • CEDict
      • Instant Translation
    • The best Audio Translator I found (female) was here:

After this is all installed, you should be able to right click on your bird (in lower corner of your screen) and check off: Translate selected text.  Now, whenever you highlight selected text it will read it to you.  Chinese text will be read aloud (in Chinese) and a little pop up (the Instant Translation) will appear over your highlighted words and translate it into English for you as you listen to the Chinese!

Now, for …