Getting Linux Running on WSL2 (Windows)

I haven’t touched Linux in many years and after seeing Microsoft’s Build this year, I thought it would be a fun project to get into.  Some things might seem a given to those used to running Linux, but as I haven’t done this in many years, it’s always wise to document.

Before You Begin

Install Linux

What Distro/Version?

I did Ubuntu, the most popular, but also really liked Kali for it’s speed.  I tried many through my learning phase, figuring out the settings and configurations.  I similarly went with a light Desktop Environment (explained later) so I can just get a quick response and get something going.

You can get the Ubunto Distro (and a few others) off the Microsoft Store.

Update Your Distro

The value of installing Ubuntu first is that their documentation is great.  You’ll have to …